Find a one-night stay at a hotel in Vendée

If you’re looking for a one-night stay in Vendée near the Puy du Fou, look no further than the Relais du Boisniard. This 3-star hotel in Vendée is just 3 minutes from the Puy du Fou theme park and offers rooms for 2-6 people. During your stay at the hotel, you’ll enjoy a flat screen TV with TNT and Canal+ (and plenty more channels!), as well as air con, WIFI access, and also the setting of the hotel itself, which makes for a charming stopover.

Just next to our stopover hotel at the Puy du Fou, you’ll find the Château Boisniard fine dining restaurant. You can also enhance your stay by taking some R&R at the nearby spa and beauty parlour.

A stopover hotel in the Pays de la Loire for an enchanting stay.

Our stopover hotel in the Pays de la Loire is located just beside the Puy du Fou. This enables you to fully enjoy your experience of the Cinéscénie show. You’ll also enjoy quality hotel services such as the breakfast dining room, room service, etc.

The Relais du Boisniard stopover hotel is the perfect choice for your stay, whether you’re coming to explore the woods of the Vendée or to see the wider Pays de la Loire, including the beaches of Loire-Atlantique and the many châteaux along the banks of the royal river.

Book your stopover hotel stay now using our online booking system. Our team is on hand to answer any questions you might have about our stopover hotel in the Pays de la Loire.